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Powder Coated Tumblers
Our tumblers were brought into existence for one purpose only...to be the last cup you ever need to buy. 

Boasting a lifetime warranty, you can forget about “what-if's”, we got your back.  

We all know life happens from time to time, so we needed something to keep up with our every day wear and tear. Knowing this, a tough lasting finish was paramount in completing our design. 

We choose the most resistant finish we could get our hands on, Pure American Powder coating.

Using the strongest raw powder available on the market, you can be confident your tumbler will last you a lifetime.  

With a plentiful selection of powder coated colors, these tumblers are much more than a simple cup, but an extension of your personality.  

We’ve crafted our tumblers with state of the art technology designed specifically to keep your drink icy cold up to 24 hours and toasty hot for up to 6 hours.  

Kodiak Tumblers serve perfectly as your partner in crime for voyages to the beach, time shared on the boat, and those late and rowdy nights spent around the campfire. Coffee or beer? Both suit the Kodiak Tumbler just fine.
Colors Available
Stainless Steel
Matte Black
Army Green
Army Tan
Tiffany Blue
Royal Blue
Navy Blue
Put your logo on it
Kodiak Coolers’ Tumblers are always well-received and have been uniquely positioned as a top end product. 

Whether your looking to customize our tumblers for an event, trade show, sales meeting or as a customer/client/holiday gift...

Kodiak tumblers are sure to be a perfect fit.

By partnering with a well known brand committed to building the best products...by placing your logo on a premium tumbler, your brand in-turn inherits those premium traits. A great compliment to your brand value.
Negative Powder Coating
One of our most popular choices by far is our negative powder coating engraving. 

This process entails powder coating the tumblers a color of your choice that coincides with your brand, and then removing part of the coating to reveal your logo. 

This leaves a sleek stainless steel finish that packs a powerful eye catching punch.
Build Your Own Case! Only 24 Units
What It Is?
Want it all? How about some variety? Our build a casepacks offer a perfect solution to stock your shelves full with a variety of colors and sizes. You pick the colors and sizes and how many of each. Just make sure it fills a full case of 24 units!
Why It's Important?
Our build a case pack provide our dealers an opportunity to order a single case of tumblers with a variety of colors and sizes, and determine quickly what products sell the best to your customers. 

We understand that every business is different and your customers may have different tastes and that’s exactly why we developed the sampler pack. 

A simple yet effective way to determine which of our products best fit your customers.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get one individual sample?
If you would like one individual sample, we ask you to please respond to our follow up email upon entering your email and name and we will grant you 50% off a tumbler to test the product out.
Is there a minimal order quantity?
Yes, our minimal order quantity is 1 case (24 units). If you would like customized cups, the minimal order quantity is 20 units.
How do I place orders as a dealer?
Currently upon acceptance to our authorized dealer program, you will place your initial order with your assigned account representative. Orders placed after this will be done on our user friendly online ordering portal.
For each order, we require disclosure as to the type of company whose name will appear on the Kodiak product and how the product will be used. We reserve the right to refuse service.
Do you offer customization on tumblers?
Yes we do offer a variety of different types of customization on our tumblers.
How long are the lead times after I order?
All accepted orders of standard items typically ship within 2-3 business days. Any customized orders engraved tumblers will ship within 7-10 business days.
Do you offer price breaks for larger orders?
No, all of our pricing is bottom of the barrel pricing for all order quantities!
Payment Methods
We accept checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Credit terms are available for applicants who qualify. Please contact your account representative for a credit application.
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