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Engraved / Plain Powder Coated Drink-ware
Our tumblers were brought into existence for one purpose only...to be the last cup you ever need to buy. 

We choose the most resistant finish we could get our hands on, Pure American Powder coating.

Using the strongest raw powder available on the market, you can be confident your tumbler will last you a lifetime.  

With a plentiful selection of powder coated colors and 1000's of popular engraved designs to offer, these tumblers are much more than a simple cup, but an extension of your personality.  

We’ve crafted our tumblers with state of the art technology designed specifically to keep your drink icy cold up to 24 hours and toasty hot for up to 6 hours.  

Our Tumblers serve perfectly as your partner in crime for voyages to the beach, time shared on the boat, and those late and rowdy nights spent around the campfire. Coffee or beer? Both suit the Tumbler just fine.

View All of Our Popular Designs you can have access to wholesale pricing if your approved as a dealer at our website here shop.kodiak-coolers.com
Styles Available
Engraved / Plain Wine Tumblers (hottest item of 2018)
These are by far the hottest products available on the drink-ware market today, and we urge you to try them out in your store if you havn't already seen them before!

Our engraved popular design wine tumblers come in 13 colors and each and ever unit comes with...

- 1 White Retail box
- 1 Open mouth spill resistant lid
- 1 Engraved (or Plain) Wine tumbler

Retail Pricing: $19.99 / $24.99 (Plain / Engraved)
Wholesale Pricing: $10.99 / $12.50 (Plain / Engraved)
Engraved / Plain 20 oz and 30 oz Tumblers (still flying off the shelfs like crazy!)
By now, I'm sure you have ran across at least one brand or another than offers the popular 20 oz and 30 oz tumblers...

The standard tumblers are great, but where you can really push some serious sales in your retail location as a dealer is with our popular engraved designs.

People now days want something that resonates with who they are and that they can relate with, and that is exactly what our custom designs offer. Check out our 1000's of designs we offer (that you can have access to as a whole sale dealer) at our website here shop.kodiak-coolers.com

Our engraved popular design tumblers come in 5 colors and each and ever unit comes with...

- 1 White Retail box
- 1 Open mouth spill resistant lid
- 1 Engraved (or Plain) tumbler

Retail Pricing: $19.99 / $24.99 (Plain / Engraved)
Wholesale Pricing: $10.99 / $12.50 (Plain / Engraved)
Engraved / Plain Screw Top Water Bottles (Spill proof)
Our screw top wide mouth water bottles offer a fantastic option for those who have customers that live life on the edge and can't afford a tumbler that will spill...

These babies are splii proof and boast a clipping caribineer lid that can easily be attached to a back pack (or whatever you like really!).

Our engraved popular design wine tumblers come in 5 colors and each and ever unit comes with...

- 1 Retail box
- 1 Screw Top Caribeener lid
- 1 Engraved (or Plain) Water Bottle

Retail Pricing: $19.99 / $24.99 (Plain / Engraved)
Wholesale Pricing: $10.99 / $12.50 (Plain / Engraved)
Colors Available
(For tumblers and Water Bottles)
Matte Black
Army Green
Navy Blue
Put your logo on it
Custom Tumblers are always well-received and have been uniquely positioned as a top end product. 

Whether your looking to customize our tumblers for an event, trade show, sales meeting or as a customer/client/holiday gift...

Kodiak tumblers are sure to be a perfect fit.

By partnering with a well-known brand committed to building the best products...by placing your logo on a premium tumbler, your brand in-turn inherits those premium traits. A great compliment to your brand value.

For More Information visit our Customization site at www.getcustomtumblers.com
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get one individual sample?
If you would like one individual sample please purchase one on our website to gauge the quality of our products. We know you'll love them!
Is there a minimal order quantity?
No, once you're approved there is no minimum order quantity "per order'. However, we will review your account on a quarterly basis to ensure you are actively carrying our products.
How do I place orders as a dealer?
Currently upon acceptance to our authorized dealer program, you will place your initial order with your assigned account representative. Orders placed after this will be done on our user friendly online ordering portal.
For each dealer request, we require you to fill out a quick dealer setup request to understand if you would be a good fit for representing our product line. We reserve the right to refuse service.
Do you offer customization on tumblers?
Yes we do offer a variety of different types of customization on our drink-ware. Please see our website for current available designs shop.kodiak-coolers.com OR for custom logo designs over 20 units, please visit www.getcustomtumblers.com
How long are the lead times after I order?
All accepted orders of standard items typically ship within 7-9 business days.
Do you offer price breaks for larger orders?
No, all of our pricing is bottom of the barrel pricing for all order quantities! We offer 50% Margins for all our products for our dealers to sell.
Payment Methods
We accept checks, all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. 
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